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Sandbagging confusion?

Posted By: Ace Burpee · 4/8/2011 5:45:00 PM

I must be missing something here. Going sandbagging has never been this confusing. I sandbag every year. As much as I possibly can. Whenever I have a break in my schedule around this time, I throw on the rubber boots and get to work. I've always found it painfully easy to know where to go and what to do. This year is different. Very different. Never in my life have I registered to go sandbag, as I am now apparently required to do. You just find out where to go the moment you know you've got some free time, and off you go. Before you do of course, you spread the word to as many people as you can using whatever means at your disposal. Seriously easy. At the same time, never have I been getting so many e-mails from people who have been waiting for help to arrive but have hit the panic button after being told not to put out the word themselves... as well as people who are willing and able but instead of sandbagging are just waiting for their phone to ring. Again, perhaps I am missing something. If I am, I'm sorry, but the quicker way to fix a problem to me seems to be not putting out an "Urgent call for volunteers" and then having them sit on hold in hopes of receiving a call back after schedules and availability have been arranged. The quickest way to deal with an "urgent" problem is to release information saying "Urgent call for volunteers at ________ to do __________". That message spreads quickly. When time is a factor, the shortest route between problem and solution works best. As far as I know, we've never done things this way. I also know I've never received complaints before this year from people who are trying to help but can't seem to figure out how. Let's figure it out. I'm going sandbagging now.


  • Ace Burpee I love you, and no hate. But I don't understand your logic here. You say you "go sandbagging every year... put on the rubber boots on every break you have to go sandbagging". There is something wrong with that statement. It's a bit like saying, "every year I provide medical aide to the 300 people who are seriously injured or killed in the annual 'Top of Scotiabank building jumpoff'". Why are these people being "helped" year after year with a temporary solution? I understand the self important and empowering feeling a person gets while doing anything that is termed "helping" but what are we really helping? We're helping give an excuse for people CHOOSING to live in flood areas not to move elsewhere or find long term solutions. They started building the Floodway back in 1962 knowing the area flooded; but nearly 50 years later we still have people sandbagging every year. Have these people not figured it out? I respectfully have no sympathy for them, if they want to bang their heads against the wall repeatedly, let them! Feel free to air and reply to this comment.
    Posted By Nathan On 4/9/2011 2:34:49 PM
  • Previously, communites in the at risk areas coordinated volunteers. The city decided to use the 311. People who have a few hours to help out can not get through to 311, mostly because the person(s) in charge do not give out direct numbers. Why you ask? Because they dont want to sit there all day taking call after call from people willing to help sandbag. Call 311, by the time you get through to them, It will be too late.
    Posted By Bonnie Balsillie On 4/9/2011 11:48:18 AM

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