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Need a reason to sandbag?

Posted By: Ace Burpee · 4/9/2011 5:00:00 PM

Volunteer sandbaggers are needed these days. That much you know. Besides the obvious need and reasons to sandbag, I will offer you more incentive to get out there. Things that are for your benefit, while your good deed benefits someone else.

 Reasons, if you are looking them, to sandbag:

1) Great food. Seriously. When homeowners or residents of a building see people volunteering their time and energy to do them a favour... they instinctively react with food. Over the past 72 hours I've eaten great chili, a dozen different brilliant cookies, hot dogs from the Salvation Army truck, and much more. I don't expect anything in return for time, nor do most people. But it's there, it's awesome, and it's ample.

2) People. You won't find any complainers or bad attitudes while sandbagging. What you will find are kids as young 10, a man in his 70's who has been going non-stop for 8 straight hours, families who have only been in the country for a few months, dudes who know that the right choice was skipping the gym and hitting the sandbag line instead. Oh, and almost all of them will be smiling.

3) Seniors. For some of our older friends and neighbours... chucking around super heavy sandbags is not an option. They are however, happy to visit and encourage everyone to take breaks. Floods worry seniors. It's nice to help alleviate some of that worry, and show them that the kids, which they think we are... all alright.

4) Information. You'll get more up-to-date information on what is going on and where while sandbagging then you could ever simply by following the news. News travels fast when you're standing in a line talking flood talk.

5) Exercise. Upper body, cardio, legs, core. Sandbagging works them all. In the fresh air.

6) Entertainment. The chances of someone in your group of volunteers being entertaining is high. This is an added bonus, and can make a few hours fly by. 

7) Anticipation. Several times during a sandbagging shift you will hear talk of how good a beer is going to taste after work is done, how a steak on the BBQ is now in order, and various other dreams of reward for a job well done. Things are apparently enjoyed more if they are earned. Simple and true.

Those are just a handful. Sometimes in life you have to pick a side. You can assume someone else will do it, or think that those who live near rivers should suffer... or you can come join the party and build up some karma points.

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