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Do you still call it the TD Centre?

Posted By: Steve Adams · 1/11/2011 6:38:00 PM
Canwest Park will soon be known as "Shaw Park." Canwest Global Place is now going to simply be referred to as "201 Portage." I know a lot of people that still call it the TD Centre. So the topic came up this afternoon, what do you still call by its old name?
Some selected responses via text...
- I accidently called Walmart Woolco last week :)
- Manitoba Museum, still call it Museum of man and nature 
- Hi Steve. Mine is prob the worst. I still call channel 12/global...CKND. LOL.
- Cindy klassen recreation park - i still call it sargent park recreation center 
- I still and always will refer to the hockey rink on ellice as the Highlander and not the Can-Lan sportsplex.
- Revy instead of rona 
- Stereo, or whatever its called now will always be U4ia to me.
- Lipstixx? I still call it Montys! :)
- Walker theater
- I like Milt Stegall, but for some reason, I keep calling it Arena Road instead!
- city place, i will always call it eaton place!
- Champs - k f c and salter bridge not slaw rebchuck 
- People still call sobeys IGA 
- My dad calls global by their old name CKND sometimes lmao! 
- Simpson Sears 
- It took me a really long time to stop calling the pyramid the spectrum. Same thing when revy changed to rona. 
- I still call Queen Elizabeth Way The Norwood bridge 
- Market place in Selkirk People still call it gainers 
- The crazy bar (portage and westwood now smitty's)
- I still call Chief Peguis Trail the "new bridge" even though it's 20 years old by now
- Still call Superstore - Supervalue
- Through all its changes, I always called The Oak "The Oak" - and now it's back to The Oak!
- My dad calls KFC "Champs Chicken" - he is old.

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