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It's Manitoba Time!

Posted By: Steve Adams · 1/14/2011 9:19:00 AM
Apparently, that's Travel Manitoba's new tourism slogan for our province - It's Manitoba Time.
Selected comments and opinions on the new slogan that came in over text and BBM...
- Stop! Hammer Time! Please, Manitoba, don't hurt 'em...
- I instantly thought Jersey Shore - it's T-Shirt Time!
- Its manitoba time!... Makes me think of a REALLY bad social that absolutely no one shows up to... 
- having manitoba time makes it seem like we run on our own time, like we are slower than other provinces or something
- It might be different once we see pictures that go along with it.
- What time is it Mr Wolf? ITS LUNCH TIME. 
- Its Miller Time! Oopsie I mean Its Manitoba Time! Our new slogan makes me wanna have a drink. 
- Why is a Vancouver Ad agency coming up with a Manitoba saying?? That's really sad...... 
- What happens at Manitoba time? 
- It sounds like something my 5 year old would say 
- Good god I'm moving! No wonder everyone ignores us including the weather network. 
- Love it cause it sounds like jersery shore AAHH YEEAHHH ITS MANITOBA TIME YEAAAHHH!! 
- Its awful! And an insult that they said no MB ad firms were qualified to do it and spent our tax dollars on a "qualified" BC firm. "Its MB time" is better!?! 
- I didn't think they could think of something worse then spirited energy. Guess they proved me wrong. Tax dollars at work again  
- I thought of peanut butter jelly time?
- New slogan is garbage. how much did that "gem" cost to put together?  
- It's Manitoba Time! That's awful, actually worse than spirited energy. But I think MC Hammer would be pleased. LOL!! -kristine tabing 
- They should have put more manitoba time into coming up with a better slogan 
- here's a better slogan for us: come for the bingo, stay cuz your car got stolen! 
- not very fond of the new slogan. It reminds me of vader in wwe. 
- There's way too many t's in 'its manitoba time' :)  
- Its manitoba its like jersey shore when the guys say its t shirt time?
- OMG stick to "friendly Manitoba" !!! Lol 
- It's clobbering time! The Thing from Fantastic Four
- It's Manitoba Time... party province? Forever and always Friendly Manitoba <3

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