Ace & Chrissy's Wishlist

HOT 103 presents Ace & Chrissy's Wishlist!
It's the contest where you win whatever you want to win. 
Need a new bike, a new laptop, tickets to a sold-out show, a night on the town?  Anything your mind can think of it up for grabs.
Enter now and submit your wish.  We'll grant TWO wishes every Wednesday. 
The first wish will be granted at 7:45 AM on the ABS and the second will be granted at 3:45 PM with Steve Adams.
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Check out these Wishlist Videos!
WISHLIST WINNER, Nov.17/2010, 7:45am
WISHLIST WINNER, Nov.10/2010, 3:45pm 
WISHLIST WINNER, Nov.10/2010, 7:45am
WISHLIST WINNER, Nov.3/2010, 3:45pm 
WISHLIST WINNER, Nov.3/2010, 7:45am  
WISHLIST WINNER, Oct.27/2010, 3:45pm 
WISHLIST WINNER, Oct.20/2010, 3:45pm  
WISHLIST WINNER, Oct.20/2010, 7:45am 
WISHLIST WINNER, Oct.13/2010, 3:45pm
WISHLIST WINNER, Oct.6/2010, 3:45pm  
WISHLIST WINNER, Oct.6/2010, 7:45am      
WISHLIST WINNER, Sep.29/2010, 3:45pm 
WISHLIST WINNER, Sep.29/2010, 7:45am
WISHLIST WINNER, Sep.22/2010, 3:45pm 
WISHLIST WINNER, Sep.15/2010, 3:45pm  
WISHLIST WINNER, Sep.8/2010, 3:45pm 
WISHLIST WINNER, Sep.8/2010, 7:45am
WISHLIST WINNER, Sep.15/2010, 7:45am
WISHLIST WINNER, Sep.22/2010, 7:45am

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