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Making front page news!


Why should you win Winnipeg Jets season tickets? I should win the season tickets because I put my heart into the rallies when they left, but was too young to know the whole situation. I have been on the campaigh to bring them back since they left in 1996. As a Realtor in Winnipeg I feel that this will help grow and make our city one of the best in the nation and internationally. I would support with season tickets and want to bring my family along to support too. These tickets would just help that! As you can see from my first picture I made the front page of The Wpg Sun a few years ago when the NHL came to town for a teaser game. My life is revolving around this situation and cannot wait to hear a final answer coming soon! Go Jets Go
Submitted by Kevin Joelson from MTS Centre On 3/4/2011  · This has been rated 118 times.


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