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Jets Save Lives


Why should you win Winnipeg Jets season tickets? Hockey is life in Winnipeg. The only way to adapt to Winnipeg winters is to get out in the cold and play hockey. We painted our bodies blue, wore short shorts, got out retro hockey gear and braved the Winnipeg cold to prove to you our passion. To show you that Hockey is our lives and that we are ready to step up and be the next Jets Generation and enter into the promised land of rebuild the Jets legacy. Proud to say thanks to Teemu Selanne for donating a machine to the Children's Hospital to save my sister's life and she is alive today. She was in the hospital for three months after being born and thanks to that machine she is alive. The Jets and Selanne's influence is still strong today. And we would be proud to be part of Jets influence in the future.
Submitted by James from Winnipeg On 3/8/2011  · This has been rated 521 times.


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