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Roses are Red...


Why should you win Winnipeg Jets season tickets? Spring of 95 a radio station had a contest. We had to showing our support of the Jets by making the largest sign. I took on the challenge. I sewed 20 Queen size sheets together & spray painted a poem. You can’t see it all, but can see my Mustang in the background. That should give you a visual of how big was, plus it went past the car too. The station took my sign & threw it away. I didn't get the prize even though I clearly had the largest sign & hung it up between the 2 trees that used to stand in the NW corner of the Arena. I was interviewed by CBC radio, haven't heard that piece, & the only reason why I know it exists is because I skipped school that day, & of my teachers heard me on the radio. I think I should win the tickets cause, being at those games would feel like my Dad was with me (he passed Oct 08). He took me to my 1st game & that is where I fell in love with Ducky. For years I took him to the Oldtimer's hockey challenge. He really liked that. He never did get to see his favourite player live, Maurice “The Rocket” Richard. We shared many NHL moments & miss the one we will never have. From the deepest part of my heart, I really want to feel like my Dad is around again. Please help! AND, I didn't get my prize from that other radio station & that is just not right.
Submitted by CoquetteWpgMB from Winnipe On 4/3/2011  · This has been rated 30 times.


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