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Why should you win Winnipeg Jets season tickets? As a little boy, the Jets were all I knew. My Grandpa was a clubhouse manager for the team from the WHA years up to the day they left. Unfortunately, I was too young to appreciate any of this, as I was 7 years old when they were taken away from us and was not able to enjoy them like most were. With these tickets, I would love to disperse these tickets to my friends, and family who like me, were unable to enjoy the Jets the first time around, since we were too young. Emptying our piggy banks and crying our eyes out didn't work the first time around, but hopefully karma can come full circle this year! Here is a collection of some things I've received from my grandpa (I wish I could upload more photos), which include his three Avco Cup Championship rings, replica Avco Cup, collectors posters, pins, game used pucks, sticks (Bobby Hull, Anders Hedberg,Joe Daley, signed photos of "The Hot Line", logo cutouts from game worn jerseys, and much more. GO JETS GO, FOREVER!
Submitted by Jesse Malloy from Winnipeg On 4/14/2011  · This has been rated 80 times.


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