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Piggy Banks


Why should you win Winnipeg Jets season tickets? You can imagine my excitement this weekend when The Hockey News reported that True North had reached a deal with the NHL. The Jets left when I was 9 but I can tell you where I got each Jets jersey (that still have remnants of ketchup among the handful of autographs), how many times I have seen the New Boss, that Woody’s Sports was my ‘toy store’, and who my favourite players from the Jets Wives Goals for Kids Carnival were (Teemu Selanne, Bob Essensa, Oleg Tverdovsky and Kris King). Like many kids, I can vividly recall emptying my piggy bank to take my hockey card money down to the bank to contribute what I could to the “Save the Jets” campaign (whatever happened to that money anyways?), attending the Portage and Main rally and laying in bed crying (I hated Bettman). Growing up my parents didn’t have a lot of money but that didn’t stop my father from going in with 3 others on season tickets so he could take his son, who idolized Bob Essensa, to as many games as possible. It would be a joy to share more memories with those closet to me. Teemu just sniped 2 in 30 seconds to tie this game up. Bring Teemu back for next season, his contract is up in Anaheim. Tell him we will get Randy Gilhen to give him back his Super Mario brother’s backpack that went "missing" his rookie season.
Submitted by Chris from Winnipeg On 4/17/2011  · This has been rated 79 times.


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