OMG, Usher Got Us Falling In Love Again!

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Why should you go see Usher live in NYC! I LUV USHER AND CAN"T LIVE WITHOUT HIM!!! Me and one of my best friends r hardcore Usher fans, We were literally jumpin 4 joy when we found out we have a chance to win Usher tickets! We took this pic while dancinh to "MORE" !! i think i should go, because i am one of his greatest fans! also my best friends birthday just passed, and i didnt get her the greatest of gifts. i want to make it up to her, because with us being friends for 14 years, i think she deserves this, I hope u pick my submission, ajnd i luv u with all my heart win or lose <3
Submitted by Kyra Sivertson from East St. Paul Manitoba On 12/3/2010  · This has been rated 2 times.
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