OMG, Usher Got Us Falling In Love Again!

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OMG . . . Praise the Good Lord !


Why should you go see Usher live in NYC! Im not in it to win. Yes, I would love to Surprise my girlfriend of 14 years on our anniversary & it would help me show her how much i love her and how much i am okay with her being in love with Usher OMG her dance moves are out of his world, I am just not sure what world . . .but winning isn't everything. I feel the Good Lord will make a way for me regardless where it come froms (Like in the doghouse after she see's these pictures). . . in my eyes, everyone is a winner. To take that next step & know that you are closer to bettering yourself is a blessing & letting others know that every picture of your girlfriend is beautiful then you are a winner within. I wish we all could win. In due time, our blessings are sure to come. "We have not because we ask not." "Ask & you shall receive." (USHER USHER NYC ON OUR ANNIVERSARY, I would love to say that on our ANNIVERSARY USHER GOT US FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN)" But it is better to trust in the Good Lord, than to put confidence in man." _ Just a few quoted verses I love dearly. May God Bless everyone not just me but everyone who has entered this contest with hopes of winning. Thanks 103
Submitted by Bob Bergen from Winnipeg On 11/4/2010  · This has been rated 48 times.
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