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Dexter Bell


Tell us about your pet? Dexter is the best thing that has ever happened to my husband and I. I couldn't imagine a day without him. About 4 months ago we discovered he has diabetes, and it was under control. We took him to the vet today ( he seemed under the weather), we could tell that he wasn't feeling good. Not eating, sleeping all the time. Just today found out he has pancritis. So sad, and at this very moment he is in the care of the Pembina Vetrenary Hospital. He is just not my cat, he is my baby. He loves to talk! All the time! Rules the house, we do what he wants us to do..... This kitty, is not a kitty, he's more then a kitty, more then a dog, he's my son, my baby, my love. Dexter loves to play, chase balls, eat bugs, OH, and to match my Husband LOVES Pizza! Dexter Bell completes our family!
Why is your pet "Winnpeg's Cutest Pet"? Dexter is the Cutest Pet because, no matter who you are he will love you! Strangers get greated with a friendly meow. Dexter Bell doesnt discriminate, he loves all..... even though we tell him to gaurd the house. Love of my life! Never stop the chatter baby, love you alway and forever!
Submitted by Veronica Bell from Dex's Crib On 2/5/2011  · This has been rated 2851 times.

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