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Tell us about your pet? Bently is 3 years old and he's a cross between and Pug and Boston Terrier. (BUG) He is energetic and very playful, he's also the biggest cuddle bug you'll ever meet. When you get home he greets you with lots of kisses, sometimes he's so happy that you're home he'll run around the house a couple of times. Everyday is a new adventure with him, even in your worst day it's hard not to smile cause he'll do something silly, or just him being there makes you smile! He is a master at sucking up to you when he's been bad and it's hard to stay mad at him. Bently is the cutest pet in Winnipeg. If you agree, please vote for him!
Why is your pet "Winnpeg's Cutest Pet"? Just look at him! How is ht not Winnipeg's Cutest Pet?
Submitted by Mel from Winnipeg On 2/13/2011  · This has been rated 47674 times.

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