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Tell us about your pet? Meet my precious little adopted fur son Rocky. His full name is 'Rocky Horror Picture Puppy' - Rocky for short. In the past 10 years, he's enriched my life in a way that absolutely nothing else ever could. He's one of a kind & is truly irreplaceable. Rocky is a sweet little guy who always gives me a reason to smile. Some of his favorite activities include playing with his #1 toy (a puff ball on the end of some string), long walks on the beach, & maybe if you're really lucky, you might catch him snacking on some of his own poop! :)
Why is your pet "Winnpeg's Cutest Pet"? This little guy has given me so much in the past decade & this is my chance to give something back to him! I invite you to celebrate his wonderful life with me! xoxo
Submitted by Lindsay Westmore from Winnipeg, MB On 3/2/2011  · This has been rated 3596 times.

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