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Tell us about your pet? Sugarplum is a grumpy, 12 year old, fat cat who thinks she's the queen of the house (maybe because we let her believe it). She loves eating spinach and fresh tuna for breakfast. In fact she expects it. She shares her home with a German Shepherd who knows not to tread on this cats feet. You can always find Sugarplum in fresh laundry or sleeping on her back in the kitchen.
Why is your pet "Winnpeg's Cutest Pet"? Sugarplum is originally from New Zealand. My dad and our family couldn't bare to leave her there. She deserves to win based on the personality she had. She thinks she's entitled to everything, I think we spoil her too much. Honestly, Sugarplum just grows on you. You can't avoid it.
Submitted by Thil Samarasekera from Winnipeg On 3/9/2011  · This has been rated 35 times.

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