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She said YES!

Posted By: Steve Adams · 1/4/2011 6:40:00 PM
Remember Kelly? The young man that loves to love? That wished for an engagement ring for his girlfriend with Ace and Chrissy's Wishlist? If you don't, or you'd like a refresher, you can listen to his wish, and watch a video of him picking out the ring here:
Well good news, Kelly's girlfriend said yes! Which would now make her his fiance. An email from Kelly...

Mr. Adams,

Thank you to both you and Colin once more for coming down on Sunday and my apologies for being so rambly as I was. If I knew what was about to happen after, I'd probably have been an absolute nervous wreck and frozen in the chair.

Two hours after we departed, I went off to Nicole's Family [read LOTS of family] Christmas Dinner in Charleswood. Her parents apparently had heard the wish being granted on Hot103 and were congratulating me privately when Nicole went off to finish her dish for dinner and they were excited for me.

Due to how things went, I never did have a chance to go home, so I had the ring with me and that was the best thing to happen. I was able to show it off to them and they were so amazed at how beautiful it was. Their approval was just the final step needed for me to know it was going to be as magical as I hoped.

Soon after the dinner, and the gift exchange, things began to wind down and Nicole was wanting to get going home. I said it was a nice night out and I wanted to go for a walk and let dinner settle and we both agreed on Assiniboine Park.

After a short walk.. about 20 minutes or so, we finally came back to the Pavillion where we parked the car. For me, everything was aligning all too perfectly as we came up alongside the bench where we first met 2 Summertimes ago.. and I knew that this was the time.

I told her to stop for a second and I pointed out towards the forested area and told her I thought I saw a Deer. She was obviously confused, so I put my hand across her shoulder and pointed and said to be very still so we wouldn't startle it. She was even more confused, not being able to see the Deer... and me praying this imaginary Deer wasn't going to become a REAL Deer.

It was then I dropped down to One knee and said to her "Maybe the Deer isn't in front of you.. maybe it's the one right behind you."

She turned around with a puzzled look on her face which quickly turned into absolute shock as she saw me on One knee with ring raised in box.
And from there, I proposed and she said Yes!

The timing... everything was so perfect.. I simply couldn't wait till Christmas Eve and do it in a stuffy office when the most romantic place to do it materialized in front of me.

So I am now a very VERY happy man and it's all because of you guys at Hot 103 [and Mr. Chan of WK Chan Jewellers for the ring] and I couldn't wait to be able to share this moment before I run off to work for the evening. I meant to send this earlier.. but was just too excited from everything and telling everyone the good news. :)

Needless to say, she's now gone on the website and heard the wish on the air and was crying. She's also told all her family and they are just so blown away by how this all came to be.

So thank you once more for making this miracle happen!

I'm on my way to work now, and it's definitely going to be a beautiful day. ^_^

Have a Wonderful Day and a Merry Christmas to not only you and the staff at Hot 103, but your families as well! I know I'm going to with my new Fiancee! :)

 Kelly Flewin

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