Last Winter

Orlando, FL's Last Winter came into being in November 2002, but only played their first show a year later, by which time they'd perfected their brand of commercial pop/rock, reminiscent of bands like 30 Seconds to Mars and Angels & Airwaves. An album titled Transmission: Skyline was recorded and released independently in 2005, and, after signing with Lifeforce Records, Last Winter members, singer Cameron Mizell, guitarists Josh Calapa and Fro, bassist Bo and drummer Chris Pock, released their sophomore effort, Under the Silver of Machines.
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  • Under the Silver of Machines (2007)

    Under the Silver of Machines

  • Transmission: Skyline (2006)

    Transmission: Skyline

  1. 2006Transmission: Skyline [Bonus Tracks]

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