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at 11:32 on September 15, 2011, EDT.

US man agrees to no hunting anywhere in the world in federal plea deal over illegal kills

SALISBURY, N.C. - A U.S. man has been banned from hunting anywhere in the world for two years as part of an agreement with federal authorities on charges that he illegally killed wildlife in Kentucky.


at 10:58 on September 13, 2011, EDT.

Facebook check in leads to man's arrest

Today's Facebook tip: if you're wanted by authorities, it's not a real good idea to check yourself "in" at locations using Facebook.


at 14:02 on September 08, 2011, EDT.

Photograph of Robert E. Lee is auctioned by Goodwill store for $23,000


at 06:41 on September 08, 2011, EDT.

Moose, likely drunk off fermented apples, found tangled in a tree in Sweden

STOCKHOLM - A seemingly intoxicated moose has been discovered entangled in an apple tree by a stunned Swede.


at 12:28 on September 07, 2011, EDT.

San Francisco supervisor introduces legislation to restrict public nudity, at least sometimes

SAN FRANCISCO - Nudists in San Francisco might soon lose the freedom to bare it all — at least some of the time.


at 10:05 on September 06, 2011, EDT.

University welcomes students back to Amherst campus by cooking up the world's largest stir-fry

AMHERST, Mass. - Staff and students at the University of Massachusetts celebrated the start of the new semester on Monday by making the world's largest stir-fry.


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