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Biggest Fan!


Why should you win Winnipeg Jets season tickets? I was 9 years old when the Jets left Winnipeg. That was a very sad day for me. I was young but I was (am) a HUGE Jets fan. It seemed like everything I owned had a Jets logo on it somewhere and even my room was painted in Jets colors with jets wallpaper and posters everywhre. My parents were big fans but the person who really got me involved was my Aunt. She would always take me to a game on my birthday and being from out of town it was a very special day for me. She is the one who stopped Teppo (our favorite player) after a game for the picture you see. She was also with me after a game when I saw someone run behind some evergreens in front of the arena and I noticed it was Selane! We got his autograph and sorta gave away his hiding spot as he was waiting for his ride. I also got to meet Steen at the World Juniors in GrandForks 05 as he was staying in the same hotel as us. We got to chat and get his autograph to. I have always been a huge Jets fan and always will be and if I were lucky enough to win these tickets the first person I would take to a game would be my Aunt, to say thank you! Also wouldn't it be cool if Selane could play out one more season in the Peg?
Submitted by Dustin from Winkler On 3/4/2011  · This has been rated 15 times.


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