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I Believe! GO JETS GO!


Why should you win Winnipeg Jets season tickets? I have always believed in the Winnipeg Jets like a kid does Santa Clause, unwavering! If anyone said different they could get bopped in the nose! My loyalty has never faltered. When they first entered the NHL I would sit in the nose bleeds with my dad. When we moved to Alberta during Gretzky's hay-day did I cheer him on; no it was GO JETS GO! When we moved to New Brunswick where it was all Habs and Bruins fans did I bend to the pressure, heck no, it was GO JETS GO! When I moved back and saw Selanne's shotgun celebration against Quebec it was for sure, GO JETS GO! And at the very last game against Detroit in the playoffs it was all white with an extra loud, GO JETS GO! When all of my friends told me there was no way they were coming back and that Winnipeg couldn't support them, I told them what was what! It has always been and always will be GO JETS GO! I was there at the beginning, I supported them all over the country, I was there at Selanne's iconic moment, I was there at the the last game and I never stopped believing that they would return; doesn't it make sense that I am there for the first game as well! And that is why I should win the season's tickets to the best hockey team in the NHL! GO JETS GO!!!!!
Submitted by Dan Leclair from Winnipeg On 3/4/2011  · This has been rated 5625 times.

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