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Vote for who you think should be the winner of Manitobaville!  Voting takes place until Tuesday, September 6 at 3 PM.
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HOT 103, Travel Manitoba and Rogers present…MANITOBAVILLE!

We wanna know why your hometown is awesome and make it even better with a party this fall, plus $25,000 to put towards a project that benefits your community!

The public will vote for our winner starting at 3 PM on Friday, August 19 until Tuesday, September 6 at 3 PM!

Whoever gets the most votes and wins – will be crowned Manitobaville 2011, and will get the prize money and a party this September put on by us and our Manitobaville sponsors, like Rogers, Travel Manitoba and Manitoba Turkey Producers.

Why is your town or city Manitobaville? Make a video and tell us now!

Presented by Rogers and Travel Manitoba.