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Mustache Power


Why should you win Winnipeg Jets season tickets? So I don't know 2 terribly much about sports, but my husband Ty has been driving me ABSOLUTELY crazy w/ his Jets obsession. Now due 2 the possibility of their return, he’s stepped it into high gear. The mustache he is sporting in the pic was Ty's way of willing the Jets to come home & as far as I know he is the only 1 who grew a stache 4 the cause. I have had 2 deal w/ him being up @ all hours every night watching every possible sports channel 4 updates w/ his laptop or radio attached 2 him @ all times. 4 the past few months, he has not gone anywhere w/out his Jets attire including a formal fundraising function. In the pics he is sporting not only the Jets mustache & attire but a Jets colored speedo & a homemade shirt. This is the type of insanity I’m dealing w/. Ty's love of the Jets dates back 2 when he was a young kid. He used 2 attend games & his obsession w/ the sport aided him in stalking & obtaining hundreds of NHL players “autos”. He befriended team bus drivers & ambushed players @ the Fairmont & airport sometimes @ 2 am on a weeknight. I am submitting this 4 Ty b/o the Jets mean a ridiculous amount 2 this lunatic of a fan! I’m also hoping that if he wins due 2 my submission it may give me some leverage in fighting the re-growth of the Jets mustache!
Submitted by Ty Picken from Cartier, MB On 5/15/2011  · This has been rated 108 times.

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