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Why should you win Winnipeg Jets season tickets? My name is Trevor & I am the biggest Jets fan. I am 32 yrs old & have gone to Jets games since i was 4, until the sad day they left. When I was 7, my hockey team won a contest to play against the Jets at the old barn. That is where I accumulated some jets memorabilia. The game was recorded on VHS tape with Curt Keilback commentating. 8 yrs ago I got a tattoo on my right shoulder of the classic jets symbol(visible in the photo), everyone thought I was nuts. Over the last 8 yrs I got tons of compliments about it & was proud to show it off. I have two boys, ages 10 & 6, who both play hockey for KW & also have a 6 month baby girl. I live on a construction salary & would find it hard to afford more than a couple games. My dream would to be with my boys at every game of the new franchise's first season. For my final plea to the GREATEST RADIO STATION IN THE WORLD, I have a great story that you can have the first crack at. I was one of the men who built the MTS Centre. I put the accoustic ceilings in all the private boxes, before I put the last tile in the last suite I wrote above the ceiling..Welcome Back Jets, with my name & the date underneath it. I knew they would be back when I built the arena. These are some reasons I deserve to get the greatest gift our family could ever have!
Submitted by Trevor Wikstrom from Winnipeg On 5/24/2011  · This has been rated 72 times.

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