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Gina, I've done the same thing!!!

Posted By: Ace Burpee · 10/19/2010 8:48:00 PM
Gina sent the e-mail below. I love it. Really love it. I've done this before. You race out and pick up a book because of something you've heard or read and then read it right through to the end without stopping because you simply can't stop reading it. It's that good. Great, great feeling. Gina gets it!!!
I recently heard a recording of Maya Angelou reading her poem: "On the Pulse of Morning" at the inauguration of the American President Bill Clinton in 1993. I was inspired to look for any of her poetry, what I found was a biography of sorts entitled "Maya Angelou, A Glorious Celebration" by Marcia Anne Gillespie, Rosa Johnson Butler and Richard A. Long. Ace, I kid you not, I bought it and by about 2AM that next morning, I had read the entire thing. So inspiring! For all the women out there who aren't sure they are strong enough, here is a story we can compare to our own lives. From abject poverty, abuse and a life of little love, to a supremely self assured woman who even in candid pictures radiates strength. A woman whose goal is to empower all peoples. She draws strength from the women in her life history and passes it on simple lessons we all should hear. One of my favorite bits was a quote from her grandmother, Annie Henderson, to a very young Maya. This rang very true with me. She said; "Sister, if you see something you don't like; do everything you can do - that's right to do - to change it. And if you cannot change it, change how you think about it." This is a thought that can blossom into personal power. Now, everyone pause and think on that, then take yourself to the local or online bookstore and get this book for your collection. From: Gina Mederre

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