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I heart Malcolm Gladwell.

Posted By: Ace Burpee ยท 10/25/2010 12:01:00 PM
I've read every book Malcolm Gladwell has written. I like the way he looks at things, and the way he thinks about things. He's super interesting. I'm tempted to subscribe to the New Yorker just to read more of him. I think I'd like you all to read "What the Dog Saw". It, like everything else he's written... is awesome. Ever wonder why there is really only one flavour of ketchup while there are hundreds of different types of mustard? Well nor had I, but Gladwell explains how this happens. It's so much fun I can't even tell you. Why do some of us choke and others panic? How does Cesar Millan do what he does? I love this book so much. Now that I'm writing about it I want to read again. so I shall. As should you. Bonus: Malcolm Gladwell is Canadian. Peace.

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